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Jo van Dalen is an autodidactic,  intuﴩeve, visionary and spiritual artist, teacher and speaker. Her spiritual channelled and inspired paintings are created as  mirrors of the soul, as a result her paintings are strictly personal. Her work is meant to offer inspiration and insight into the past present and future.  Jo believes in the healing power of her paintings and invites you to experience the inspiration that her work gives you.

Each work of art is created in a state of semi trance, during the creation process she receives messages which help you to connect with your painting which may  guide you trough difficult periods of your life. Some times you will notice that new images seem to "appear" that may help you with coping with a specific problem.

She received the task to be a channel, and to transform the colours, lines and energy from other people, into images and words, this is the reason why each of her paintings comes with an accompanying text. Her mission is to bring love, well-being and beauty, into the world through her channelled paintings.

In her work, One find's an inspiration which touches the soul of those who come in contact with her paintings and poetry. She is grateful to have been given the change to act  as an instrument, to pass on love,  light and solace to those in need.

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